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Physics by Mind Map: Physics

1. Mass

1.1. Definition: Amount of matter in a body

1.2. S.I. unit: kilogram (kg)

1.3. Scalar quantity

1.4. Independent of gravitational force

1.5. Measured using: Beam balance/ Electronic Balance

2. Weight

2.1. Definition:

2.1.1. is a force

2.2. S.I. unit: Newton (N)

2.3. Vector quantity

2.4. Dependent on gravitational force (changes with location)

2.5. Measured using: Spring Balance

2.6. w=mg

3. Inertia

3.1. The inertia of an object refers to the reluctance of the object to change its state of rest of motion, due to its mass. Mass is a measure of inertia. An object with a greater mass will have greater inertia.

4. Gravitational field strength

4.1. Definition: Gravitational force acting per unit mass of the object Strength of gravity field at a particular place Varies based of mass of place

5. Density

5.1. Definition: The amount of matter in an object per unit volume.

5.2. d=m/v