Different Types of Weather Fronts

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Different Types of Weather Fronts by Mind Map: Different Types of Weather Fronts

1. Stationary Front

1.1. do not move

1.2. are two unlike air masses side by side

1.3. and warmer air is displaced above colder

2. Warm Fronts

2.1. warm air moving towards cold air

2.2. warm, moist air over cooler, drier air

2.3. and bring light precipitation

3. Cold Fronts

3.1. a mass of cold air advancing towards warm air

3.2. with heavy precipitation, rain or snow, combined with rapid temperature drops

3.3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xdgqkc2YJ1Q

4. Dry Lines

4.1. boundaries between lighter humid air and denser dry air

4.2. Air masses with similar temperatures but strong humidity gradients will act as fronts

4.3. Favorite for thunderstoms

5. Occluded Fronts

5.1. occur when two fronts meet, the warm air mass between them is displaced aloft

6. Learning links

6.1. Air masses and fronts

6.2. When hot air masses meet cold air masses