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History by Mind Map: History
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Assumptions 2


Assumptions is a series of poems from The Martyrology Book 7&. The sequence explores basic and complex assumptions about the world. This selection is a meditation on loss and our subsequent wish for a physical marker and reliance on memory for connection to the passed/past. Roy Miki reads this poem in his backyard on a sunny Vancouver afternoon. The film runs out of the magazine before he delivers the final lines of the poem "the attachments, the attachments, the attachments". This serendipitous event gives us a sense of our attachment to the image of the performer. This sequence will likely be left as is in the edit of the film to emphasize this final moment in which the image disappears.

the plunkett hotel

Flipping through photos of Plunkett, we hear bp read from "the plunkett hotel". Alternate between the photographs, archival documents from Plunkett and live shots. Plunkett is where bp's grandparents had farms and a hotel. This texts speaks about family history and our relationship to those stories as a source of identity.

Nearly Home

Nichol wrote a song called "This is a Love Poem" It very simply repeats the phrase "this is a love song, wrote it on the long road, nearly home" This sequence will be projected on a road as we travel through town at night. We will hear the music and a rendition of the song as the sequence plays out.

Archival Photographs

Typography will be animated and composited into archival photographs of Nichol. The compositing of the type will use lighting, colour, lens effects and perspective to give it the appearance of having been in front of the lens when the photo was taken. This sequence will explore a relationship between the image of Nichol and an image of "his" texts. The reference still above, which was produced by MK12, illustrates the possibilities of this technique.