Validity and Reliability

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Validity and Reliability by Mind Map: Validity and Reliability

1. Content Validity - Checks test question validity

2. Criterion Related Validity - test scores correlated with external criteria

3. Concurrent Criterion Related Validity Evidence - administering both the new test and the established test to a group and establishing test scores

4. Construct Validity - Any information that lets you know whether results from the test correspond to to what you would expect.

5. Reliability - The consistency in which a test yields the same test scores for students when taken on numerous occasions.

6. Test Retest - Estimate test reliability by giving the test twice.

7. Alternate Forms or Equivalence - Use two different forms of the test to obtain an estimate of the reliability of the test

8. Internal consistency - The assumption that similar test items should be correlated to one another.

9. A test has validity evidence if we can demonstrate that it measures what it says it measures (Kubiszyn, 2012).

10. Reliability - Refers to the consistency of a test with which the same test scores are received when a test is given over and over.