Will Our Tap Run Dry One Day?

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Will Our Tap Run Dry One Day? by Mind Map: Will Our Tap Run Dry One Day?

1. Past

1.1. Why was there water shortage in Singapore

1.1.1. Back then when technology were not that advance,pipes were in poor quality,there were poor maintenance and all the pipes rusted and many of them burst,leaving Singapore with a shortage of water supply,back then sometimes water was too little that water has to be stopped for a few hours

1.2. How did we conserve water in the past

1.2.1. We used empty buckets to collect rain water to wash the floor and water the plants

1.2.2. Fill buckets with water to shower for preventing overuse of water when showering

1.3. Number of reservoirs in the past

1.3.1. There were 14 reservoirs in the past and they were our first supply of water in the past

1.4. Who was responsible for the water supply

1.4.1. PUB was responsible for the water supply in the past

1.5. When did the water shortage happen?

1.5.1. The water shortage happened after World War 2 ,when the Japanese surrendered and we were left on our own after we went our own ways with Malaysia,and after they raised the price of imported water from them left us in a state where we have no other supply of water except our reservoirs.

2. Measures that Singapore has put in place and discuss whether the measures are sustainable in the long run.

2.1. Singapore has raised the price of water from $1.17/cubic meter to $1.40/cubic meter if household water use is exceeding 40 cubic meters

2.2. Educating the public,telling them the importance of water and the problems we are facing now and broadcasted through TV to remind everyone about rationing water

2.3. More canals are built to collect rain water and the rain water will be directed to the reservoirs

3. What has the Government plan for Singapore in the future.

3.1. Reducing water usage for domestic purpose of 140 liters by 2030

3.2. Singapore has no abundance of land or natural aquifers but we are well known for providing a sustainable supply of water for our people,but as you know,the government is aiming for a population of 6.9 million,as population rises the need of water also rises and the government has a plan to release models that are water efficient

4. What can we do as an individual to conserve water?

4.1. Recycle household water

4.1.1. Use your laundry water for washing the toilet

4.1.2. Using the water to wash rice to water plants

4.2. Wash your clothes in the washing machine only when it's full

4.3. Regular checks and maintenance of pipes

4.4. Collecting rainwater for other uses later

5. The 4 National taps of Singapore

5.1. NEW water

5.2. Imported water

5.3. Disallination

5.4. Reservoirs

6. Future consequences

6.1. Many people may leave Singapore in time to come

6.1.1. Causing even more labour shortage and soon nobody will be staying in Singapore causing the economic downfall

6.2. Singaporeans will be affected

6.2.1. The people will have no fresh water supply and a lot of people will die in result

6.3. Singapore's economy will drop enormously due to its citizens immigration to other countries because Singapore's water supply has no more water

7. The importance of water

7.1. It is a scarce resource because only 3% out of 100%of earth's water is fresh water and can be consumed