chapters 6 and 7

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chapters 6 and 7 by Mind Map: chapters 6 and 7

1. a note on the legal universe and rape

1.1. distrust and fear of the police causes unlikeliness of reporting the crime

1.2. women must meet the standard of an "honest" woman to win a rape case even though the supreme court outlawed this in 1991

1.3. seek the protection of another (possibly abusive) male

2. black humor as the only response

2.1. humor in "bad taste"

2.2. have few options beyond absurdist laughter

2.3. legal system that is incapable of addressing grievances of women in the dominated class

3. conclusion

3.1. provided a unique window into how impoverished working women understand and experience their lives.

3.2. women in these settings are striving to mediate their perspectives on sexuality

4. ethnography: local sexual culture in felicidade eterna

4.1. oral sex

4.1.1. comer "to eat" is a male activity

4.1.2. dar "to give" is a female activity

4.2. infidelity

4.2.1. women: disloyalty shames and dishonors their male partner

4.2.2. men:infidelity is taken for granted and is a way of life

5. the carnivalization of desire

5.1. eroticizied "tropical paradise"

5.1.1. sense of bodily liberation

5.1.2. expressive body language

5.1.3. dress

5.1.4. flirtation

5.1.5. exuberant dance

5.2. public flirtation

5.2.1. elaborate and beloved game

5.2.2. appreciated as pleasurable and complimentary of women's bodies

6. partial truths

6.1. women make choices to stay with abuser or "potential abuser"

6.1.1. "potential abuser"-any man not fully related or committed to protection of the child

6.2. poor women are left as the guardians against a transgressive male sexuality

6.3. epidemic of child sexual abuse

7. from boys to men:normative masculinization and heterosexuality

7.1. working class Cariocas

7.1.1. unhealthy to go too long without sex: provokes insanity

7.1.2. have "good sex" and lots of it

7.2. virginity double standard

7.2.1. "good women" expected to receive earl sexual experience from male partners and are ideally virgins

7.2.2. men gain knowledge of sex from others than partners sex workers homoerotic encounters fazendo meia (doing half) troca-troca (exchange-exchange)

7.3. lack of knowlege

7.3.1. reproductive health

7.3.2. pregnancy prevention

7.3.3. HIV transmission