Plaza 400 Toastmaer Club Membership

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Plaza 400 Toastmaer Club Membership by Mind Map: Plaza 400 Toastmaer Club Membership

1. Goal

1.1. Boost club membership by 5-6 members

1.2. Increase exposure of Plaza 400 Club

2. Idea 2: Promotion via "old school" bulletin boards

2.1. Poster at 18th Ave Office and other BCPS offices

2.1.1. Ospika

2.1.2. 18th Avenue

2.2. Create poster

2.2.1. Mention club meeting times

2.2.2. Design it so it will stand out from other posters

2.3. Position posters in same place so people can find them (boards get clutteed)

3. Idea 1: Create a Social Media Buzz

3.1. Greater presence on SoMe sites

3.1.1. Facebook

3.1.2. Google +

3.1.3. Twitter

3.2. Create and share videos promoting club on You Tube

3.3. Promote club on digital bullitin boards

4. Idea 3: Offer "Freebies" to entice guests

4.1. Pot Luck

4.2. Food

4.2.1. Pop & pizza

4.2.2. Pot luck brought by members - open to guests

4.3. Beer

4.4. T-Shirts

5. Idea 4: Host an Open House

5.1. Explain what Toastmasters does/works

5.1.1. Do by a You Tube Video or Elevator Speech

5.2. Do a demonstration people can watch

5.3. Ensure a safe environment

5.4. Pay attention to timing

6. Idea 5: Tie with Existing Plaza 400 Programs

6.1. Health and Wellness

7. Idea 6: Contact Different Agencies in Plaza 400 Building

7.1. Invite them to meetings

7.2. Give mini-presentations to them

7.3. Offer promotional meetings during work time

8. Idea 7: Promote Informally (word of mouth)

8.1. Talk it up

8.2. Announce meeting times

8.3. Mention during water cooler /coffee room conversations

8.4. Mention when people are stressed & vulnerable (about giving a presentation, trying to improve leadership skills, etc.)