DM&C | Class 1 | 11/04/2014 | 12:00-15:00 | F18

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DM&C | Class 1 | 11/04/2014 | 12:00-15:00 | F18 by Mind Map: DM&C | Class 1 | 11/04/2014 | 12:00-15:00 | F18

1. Posts on "Digital is King Fashion is Queen"

2. Do you dare to dream?

2.1. "Take whatever necessary, but be patient with your dream, confident in your goal, have your strategy well prepared, be persevering and positive, and sooner than you think your dream will come true."

2.2. This course is about digital strategy

2.3. In order to achieve your goals you need a strategy!

3. Agenda

3.1. Part 1: 10:30 - 11:30

3.2. Break 1: 11:30 -11:45

3.3. Part 2: 11:45 - 13:00

3.4. Lunch: 13:00-14:00

3.5. Part 3: 14:00-15:00

3.6. Break 2: 15:00-15:15

3.7. Part 4: 15:15-16:15

4. P1: 10:30-11:30

4.1. About Italo

4.1.1. My background

4.1.2. What I do

4.2. Students introduce themselves

5. Break 1: 11:30-11:45

6. P2: 11:45 -1 3:00

6.1. Scope and aims of the course

6.1.1. Students will learn the basic tenets of digital marketing and communication through the aid of a wide range of examples

6.1.2. Students will explore the a-systematic process of identifying problems, researching, creating, executing and amending solutions for businesses and customers

6.1.3. Students will be challenged to develop their own methodology and to employ their creativity by working on a practical project in the field of fashion communication

6.1.4. Students will work on the digital marketing and communication strategy of a magazine.They will design a multi-channel strategy and learn how to present their proposal. They will also create a prototype of this product and strategy.

6.2. The skills you will develop

6.2.1. This course is about strategy. DIGITAL strategy

6.2.2. Organizing strategies Researching information Collecting information Capturing information Sharing information with the other team members Retrieving information Thinking visually Presenting information Reporting results

6.2.3. Strategies of creativity What is creativity? How do you create?

6.3. Case study

6.3.1. The digital strategy of a fashion magazine: a critical appraisal

6.4. The digital strategy cycle

6.4.1. Analysis: Collect and understand

6.4.2. Strategy: Create and define

6.4.3. Tactics: Design and execute

6.4.4. Media: Plan and promote

6.4.5. Evaluation: Measure and report

6.4.6. Reaction: Learn and improve

6.5. Some of the topics we shall deal with

6.5.1. Paradigm shifts generated by digital technologies in the field of marketing and communication From one-way communication to customer engagement and interaction From products to experiences From campaigns to communities From brands to human brands and to social brands From enterprises to social enterprises From web strategies to mobility and cross-channel strategies From e-retailing to marketing (and information) curation

6.6. Hardware & Software

6.6.1. Pen & napkins

6.6.2. Social bookmarking software Licorize/Pinboard

6.6.3. List-making software Omni Outliner

6.6.4. Mind-mapping software Mindmeister/Xmind/Mindjet

6.6.5. Knowledge management software Evernote

6.6.6. Web-based office suite Google Docs

6.6.7. Presentation software Apple Keynote/Microsoft Power Point

6.6.8. Cloud-based storage systems Google Drive/Dropbox

6.7. Results for the course

6.7.1. Coursework: Digital strategy of a fashion magazine A wide range of deliverables and documentation A final presentation Strategy Prototype

7. 1:30 - 1:45

7.1. Break

8. Next class

8.1. Students illustrate the work they have produced in the first part of the Master's course

8.2. Challenge: Apply digital tools and categories

9. Assignment