FEELINGS efrat & yael

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FEELINGS efrat & yael by Mind Map: FEELINGS efrat & yael

1. I feel frustrated when I ___________ but when I succeed I feel excited.

2. I feel surprised when I _____________ but when I find the treasure I feel happy!

3. I feel angry when I fall at a game but when i don't fall, I feel satisfied!

4. I feel satisfied when I paint with my fingers!

5. happy

5.1. I feel happy when I _____________.

6. sad

6.1. I feel sad when I _____________ but when I get a big hug from my mother I feel relaxed.

7. relaxed

7.1. I feel relaxed when I _____________.

8. frustrated

9. excited

9.1. I feel excited when I _____________.

10. satisfied

11. surprised

12. angry