Abdul Bihi Browsers 2013

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Abdul Bihi Browsers 2013 by Mind Map: Abdul Bihi Browsers 2013

1. Define:

1.1. Browser: A person who looks casually through publications or Web sites or at things for sale.

1.2. Browser Plugin (Extensions): is a computer program that extends the functionality of a web browser in some way. Depending on the browser and the version, the term may be distinct from similar terms such as plug-in or add-on.

1.3. HTML 5: 5 is a markup language for structuring and presenting content for the World Wide Web and a core technology of the Internet.

2. Marketshare

3. Google Chrome

3.1. Pros

3.1.1. 1: Chrome Instant means your Web page is ready to read before you finish typing the address.

3.1.2. 2: Unique features like Chrome Instant, built-in Flash and PDF display, leading Web standards support, and a minimalist application window keep Chrome at the top of the browser competition

3.2. Cons

3.2.1. 1: Lacks parental controls for users.

3.2.2. 2: If the site guesses your next click wrong, page load could be slower than without Instant Pages, and you'll have wasted bandwidth loading a page you never visited.

4. Apple Safari 5

4.1. Pros

4.1.1. 1:Cover flow and other beautiful interface elements.

4.1.2. 2: Built-in RSS reader. Good standards support.

4.2. Cons

4.2.1. 1: Slow start up.

4.2.2. 2: Not being updated together with Mac version

5. Internet Explorer 10

5.1. Pros

5.1.1. 1:Now available for Windows 7 as well as for Windows 8 (but not for Vista or XP), Microsoft's latest browser is faster, trimmer, far more compliant with HTML5—a major improvement over its predecessor.

5.1.2. 2: It also brings some unique capabilities like tab-pinning and leading hardware acceleration, and excellent privacy tools like Do Not Track enabled by default and the more-powerful Tracking Protection feature.

5.2. Cons

5.2.1. 1: Internet Explorer 10 drops support for older versions of Windows: It only runs on Windows 7 and 8—no Vista, forget XP.

5.2.2. 2: The update isn’t as snappy as updating Firefox or Chrome, taking several minutes, and on some systems a reboot, since it’s actually a Windows update.

6. Mozilla Firefox 16.02

6.1. Pros

6.1.1. 1:This great, customizable browser can hold its own against any competitor. It also offers graphics hardware acceleration, good HTML 5 support, and the unique Panorama system for organizing lots of tabs.

6.1.2. 2: If you're a Firefox user in good standing, all you have to do is restart the browser to get the new version.

6.2. Cons

6.2.1. 1: The latest Firefox is available for Mac (37MB) and Linux (21MB) as well as for Windows 7, Vista, and XP—the last of which even Internet Explorer 10 can't claim.

6.2.2. 2:It's not quite up to the level of Safari's beautiful 3D Top Sites page or Opera's Speed Dial, which even offers live information on its pinned tiles.

7. Opera 12.10

7.1. Pros

7.1.1. 1: The mail client can group by date, lets you pin important messages, and features a revamped settings dialog that lets you set threading, sorting, and grouping in all or individual views.

7.1.2. 2: Opera was the first browser to include a helpful new-tab page featuring a grid of sites you visit frequently, in its case called Speed Dial.

7.2. Cons

7.2.1. 1: The mouse gestures can really speed up your browsing, and they remind me a bit of the gestures available on Mac track pads. But they do require behavior modification on your part, a barrier to widespread adaptation.

7.2.2. 2: Occasionally sites won't display properly, though this is getting rare. Hardware acceleration not enabled by default.