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Marketo Roadmap items by Mind Map: Marketo Roadmap items

1. Announced at the Marketo Summit, San Francisco. April 8-10 2013

1.1. This is just an FYI and not an officially published list

2. Localization support

2.1. Already launched: French & German

2.2. Coming soon: Spanish and Portuguese

2.3. Coming later in the year: Japanese etc

3. Forward a friend

3.1. Available as as a compelet product feature , incl. pop up forms etc

4. Safari browser support

4.1. Desktop version

4.2. Tablet version coming later as part of new UI (Cobalt)

5. Webhooks

5.1. Light weight integration code to connect Marketo to 3'rd party widgets, apps and applications

6. Mobile support for Facebook Tabs

6.1. Not only build clean looking customized facebook tabs for FB desktops, but also for mobile screens

7. Integrated Social Applications (7)

7.1. Sharing Button

7.2. Video Sharing

7.3. Referral offers

7.4. Social sweepstake

7.5. Polls

7.6. Publish to facebook

7.7. Social Form fills

8. Calendar files for emails

9. Advanced Waitsteps

9.1. Wait until +/-

10. To be released this quarter

10.1. integration: Full asset management

10.2. SAP CRM 7.0 OD integration

10.3. Gmail plug in

10.3.1. eg send tracked email via Gmail

10.4. Email Analysis

10.4.1. Click Activity Heatmaps

10.4.2. decay graphs

11. Released during or after summer

11.1. Marketo Financial Management

11.1.1. integrated marketing spend vs return reporting

11.2. Multiple models

11.2.1. Use different models to segregate per BU and or product lines

11.3. Email scripting

11.3.1. Eg allows to integration with custom objects on contact level to personalize emails

11.4. Performance

11.4.1. Smart list performance up X30 to x100

12. Coming later in the year

12.1. Cobalt, Marketo's new touch compatible UI

12.2. Mobile email and landing page support

12.3. Mobile bi directional marketing

12.3.1. Great for location based marketing B2C scenarios

12.4. Performance improvement of "import & Synch"

12.5. Form 2.0

12.5.1. Html5, CSS, Mobile support, etc

12.6. Text Only emails

12.7. Shorter URLs

12.8. Customer Engagement Module

12.8.1. Tracks

12.8.2. New dashboard to measure nurturing effectiveness