Pale & Feverish - Session 3

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Pale & Feverish - Session 3 by Mind Map: Pale & Feverish - Session 3

1. Prevention

1.1. Primary

1.1.1. malaria No vaccine because of different stages for the organism Trying to eradicate the disease research chemoprofilaxes chloroquinin for areas where the organism is suseptble u take it before u go to endimic places most drugs are taked before, duing, and after the stay mosqitobite prevention insect repallent conditioned room bed nets water lakes

1.1.2. thalssemia screening before marrage

1.2. Secondary

1.2.1. reporting and epidemiolgical studies

2. Step 9

2.1. Review session 2

2.2. mechanism flow chart

2.3. 20 minutes

3. Step 10

3.1. Management

3.1.1. acute management for symptomatic severe malaria start with IM or oral if u are in a rural area hospitalization monotiring & vital signs he's pediatric and at high risk high chance for complications respiratory monetoring ICU is recommended if possible hypoglycimia and acidosis fever treating suzuirs benzo indicative of cerebral malria treating falciparm infection keep resistance in mind iV treatment switch to oral teatment after paracite is less than 1% options

3.1.2. Ongoing treating thalassemia studies for thalassemia immunization blood transfusion iron chelation genetic counseling check upon other family members switching to orla regimen atovaquone / proguanil

3.1.3. Goals of managment treating the infection prevention of disability prevention of recurrence

3.2. 60 minutes

4. step 11

4.1. Review and evaluate

4.2. Group members

4.3. Chairman

4.4. Scribe

4.5. Tutor

4.6. Material

4.7. 10 minutes