Michelle’s Painful Calf Session 1

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Michelle’s Painful Calf Session 1 by Mind Map: Michelle’s Painful Calf Session 1

1. Hypothesis generation (brainstorming)

1.1. trauma

1.1.1. injury to the knee while skiing

1.2. the injury caused normal inflammatory process and coagulation formatiom

1.3. gravity pull the blood downward

1.4. muscles while walking will help the venous blood to return, long travel inhibits this mechanisim

1.5. two problems ?

1.5.1. respiratory system involvment no cough or sputum

1.6. dissolved mineral and heart problems

1.7. sowlling

1.7.1. unilateral oedema due to blockage of the vessles

1.8. sharp right sided chest pain

1.8.1. pulmonary embolisim

1.8.2. in the pulmonary artrey

1.9. SOB

1.9.1. V\Q mess match

1.10. pain in the leg

1.11. risk factors : obese , travel

2. Step 1

2.1. Identify terms and cues

2.2. New terms

2.2.1. crutches

2.2.2. whilst

2.3. cues

2.3.1. first t 27 y women using crutches and bandeges injury in the left knee pain in the left calf flew from canada to austrilia three days ago ((long flight)) the pain is not constant went then came back eventually became constant sowllen around the ankle in left calf after she went back from the trip overwight??

2.3.2. second T three weeks later sharp right sided chest pain and sudden SOB

2.4. 10 minutes

3. Step 4

3.1. Hypothesis organization (tentative solution)

3.1.1. DVT and pulmonary embolisim

3.1.2. heart problem

3.2. 20 minutes

4. Step 5

4.1. Formulate learning objectives

4.1.1. DVT mechanisim risk factors venous system in the leg

4.1.2. pulmonary embolisim mechanisim risk factors diagnosis

4.2. 10 minutes

5. Step 2

5.1. Problem formulation (put it in a senates)

5.1.1. A 27 y female present complaining of a sharp right sided chest pain and sudden SOB with recent history of long travel and left knee injury acompanied by sowllen ankle and pain

5.2. 10 minutes

6. Step 3

6.1. 40 minutes