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Mission: GA is a key area which manages the enteprise´s tangible and intangible assets, supporting employees to carry out their tasks normally, and providing safe working environments with the main objective of maximizing company profit through cost control.

Vision: In 2015 G.A. will be recognized as a key area for SAMCOL, with satisfied intenal clients, delivering value to shareholders, executing flawless pocesses by a high performance team

Porter Analysis, Competitive Rivalry (-) +No competitors (l) +High quality differences (l) +High switching costs (l) +High customer lowalty (l) +High leaving "market" costs (l), Threat of Substitution (-) +Low substitute performance (l) +High cost of change (l), Supplier Power (-) +Large # of suppliers (l) +Different suppliers´sizes (l) +Supp. can be substituded (l) +Supp. low changing costs (l) +Services aren´t unique (l), Threat of New Entry (other areas sharing G.A. processes) (-) +Short time / low cost entry (h) +Special knowledge needed (l) +Economies of scale are lost (l) +Lack of cost management (l) +Current pocesses don´t require special technology (h) +Organizational stucture and SOPs avoid new entrants (l), Buyer Power (internal clients) (+) +Large number of buyers (h) +Large order size (h) +Price sensible (h) +Small substitute abillity (h) +High changing cost (h)

SWOT Analysis, STRENGTHS, Team work, Sense of urgency, Speed, Commitment, Know how, WEAKNESSES, Lack of processes normalization, Limited human resourses, Lack of roles and responsabilities asignation, Lack of requirements priorityzation, OPPORTUNITIES, Current management systems, New G.A. possition into organ. structure, Life balance: relationships, knowledge / skills, health, recreation, social contribution, spirituality, personal finances., Hardware available, THREATS, Organ. cultural barriers "everything is urgent", New processes asigned to area due to company growth

PESTL Analysis, Political, Foreign investment, stable government, internal armed conflict, Economical, Growing economy, low interest rate, Social, Low % of skilled labor, Technological, New technologies fast implementation and at a growing pace, Enviromental, Abundant natural resources, lack of government care, Legal, Strong regulation: patents, protection to companiesand workers

SAMSUNG Competencies, Challenge, Empowerment, Speed, Simplicity, Leadership, Innovation, Client knowlodge, Team work, Crisis management, Strategic focus

Values: Passion, Sense of urgency, speed, Owership, Professionalism


Strategic MAP

Strategy relationship and execution order


Learning / growth, High Performance Team, GPM development, Samsung values aplication, Life / Work balance

Processes, Flawless Processes Execution, Deliver value to shareholders

Finantial, Cost Control

Customer, Key Area Awareness


Performance Communication

Monthly Report Execution

Cost Innovation

G/A Expenses

Business trip Expenses


Key Processes

Offices lay out change

New office in Cali


New office in Barraquilla


Resources Management

G/A Strategic Plannning Pablo Campo

Processes Improvement Plan Pablo Campo


Physical Security Mauricio Aguirre, Dispatchers Security (bodyguards), Offices Security (guards, video)

Administrative purchasing Diego Silva, Office supplies, Cleanlines supplies, Transportation: taxis, Offices leasing, Cell phone purchase, Voice / data plan for cell phone, Biz cards, Gas vouchers for dispatchers, Travel agency administration, Company car insurance

General maintenance Juan Sanhez, Offices, Desks, Chairs, Lights, Smoke detectors, Sprinklers, Carpet cleanning, Painting, Ceiling, Regular offices cleanning, Company cars

Administrative support Ana Mery Torres, Messengers service, Mail reception, Meeting rooms administration, Installation support for dispatchers, Offices layout changes projects


Administrative expenses control and improvement Diego Silva, Taxis, Offices supplies, Cleanlines supplies, Fixed telephony, Mobil telephony, Travel & hotel, Dispatchers gas vouchers

MBO Pablo Campo

Processes KPIs Pablo Campo

Direction Responsability

Action plans execution to achieve and improve MBO / KPIs Pablo Campo

Organization chart

President Mr. Lee

CFO Mr. Kim, G/A Manager Pablo Campo, Administrative Support Ana Mery Torres, Staff Diana Bulla, Receptionist Ana Maria Vega, Locative Maintenance Juan Sanchez, Staff Claudia Ballesteros, Messenger Jair Triana, Messenger Jesus Beltrán, Messenger Néstor Achury, Day housekeeper Edelmira Duitama, Day housekeeper Luz Mary Lugo, Night housekeeper Nancy Acevedo, Night housekeeper Stella Negro, Administrative Purchasing Diego Silva, Staff Nataly Arias, Physical Security Colonel Mauricio Aguirre, Bodyguard German Acevedo Moreno, Bodyguard Oscar Ariza, Bodyguard Jhon Edison Cubillos Rodriguez, Bodyguard Omar Edilson Lozano Beltran, Bodyguard Ivan Dario Ovalle Aguilar, Bodyguard William Sanabria Ruiz, Bodyguard Marcelino Vanegas, President Driver Jorge Mafla