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I by Mind Map: I

1. New Node

2. New Node

3. Nationality

3.1. Chinese

3.2. Lake of national identity

4. Society

4.1. Never trust media

4.2. Behave candid

4.3. Admire people who have self moral principle like Ai Wei Wei

4.4. Complex feeling about people , not really trust most of people

4.5. Half conservative and half open minded

4.6. Never participate the society same as majority Macau Cantonese , passive . Would observe people and environment.

4.7. Confused about government

5. Family

5.1. Single parent family

5.2. Live with mother since I was born

5.3. Didn't like to obey to male based on The reflection my father gave me

5.4. The family background made me become feminist

5.5. Besides mother , other relative is stranger for me

5.6. Only child , for the first image of people think of me is independent .

6. Schooling

6.1. Chinese traditional catholic school from primary school until high school

6.2. The education is the mixture of catholic and Confucian

6.3. Never have equal standard between teacher and student

6.4. Inflexible, rigid moral rule to made student obey without self thinking

6.5. The education system is to strangle the student thinking

6.6. Is a narrow environment for me but can extent the way I think about

6.7. Student can't challenge teacher based on knowledge even there are something wrong

6.8. The whole 12 years education system made me rethink that rational and critical thinking is important wherever I am