LLC 11th April 2013

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LLC 11th April 2013 by Mind Map: LLC 11th April 2013

1. Building video clips into sesssion, use Moodle to deliver sessions to learners (instead of folders on laptop)

2. Introduce learners to Moodle

3. Use Prezi, embed into Moodle

4. Flipping classroom - a way of meeting GLH

5. Video - very good to record speaking and listening for functional skills. Demonstrating appropriate body language.

6. Audio / Visual to address different learning styles. Use videos that appeal to learners to engage them

7. Use Xtranormal, Educreation, Voki

8. Use Youtube for employability unit. Visualise good interview skills and so on. Record and use as shareable resource.

8.1. Note, check with learners

9. Prezi, prezi, all the way

9.1. Support learners in their assignments through prezi

10. Flipped classroom, be more proactive about getting learners to look at information before the face-to-face session. Encourage learners to be more independent. Meet different learning styles