How does technology affect

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How does technology affect by Mind Map: How does technology affect

1. Your social life?

1.1. You can go on websites and talk to people.

1.2. You can meet new people online.

1.3. You can hear more news.

1.4. Kids sometimes would rather sit at the computer than go outside.

1.5. You can see what others are doing without actually being by them.

1.6. You can connect with people faster.

1.7. People may not interact with others as much in person. People can become antisocial.

2. Your education?

2.1. We use tools for research

2.2. We can play games that are associated with learning and they can help us get better at things.

2.2.1. Cheating is more of a problem

2.3. You can talk with more people who are not at your school.

2.4. You can learn about different cultures.

2.5. People may think less because they can esaily access information online.

2.6. You can take classes online that are not offered at your school.

2.7. You can find information that you cannot find in books.

2.8. Technology gives us opportunities to think about things in different ways (Minecraft, Red Remover, Roblox.

3. Your family?

3.1. Kids spend less time with the family because they are addicted to Facebook, Twitter, shopping, and games.

3.2. Kids will text one another when they are in the same room.

3.3. People are not as talkative because they would rather be on their devices.

3.4. You can pay bills and manage accounts easily online.

3.5. Your identity could be stolen.

3.6. Shopping is quick and easy.

3.7. People procrastinate doing things.

3.8. People get addicted to texting and go over their limit.

3.9. You can talk to your relatives that live in other places.

3.10. With certain apps, you can control and manage your household.