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Smooth Spending by Mind Map: Smooth Spending
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Smooth Spending

Don't Pay Retail

Prefer Multi-Platform Software


Desktops: Windows 7 Professional

Laptops: Windows 7 Professional

Tablets: iOS (iPad)

Smartphones, Android (Samsung), iOS (iPhone)


Web + Apps

Web only

Installed only

Services, not servers



Email & Calendaring,,




Business value

Contracts Matter

Consider Connectivity

Increase work throughput with more connectivity

Mobile, 3G, 4G, LTE

Fixed, T1, Cable, T3, Business Ethernet

Example: case worker returning to office

Example: staff meetings

Review Use Cases

Success = Time to successful client outcome, not processor speed.

Usage patterns shift

Change devices, Desktop to Laptop, Laptop to Tablet, Tablet to Smartphone

Increase mobility and monthly costs

Replenish Regularly

Pay attention to lifecycles

Servers - 5 years

Desktops - 4 years

Laptops - 3 years

Tablets - 2 years

Smartphones - 2 years

Printers - 4 years

Networking devices - 4 years

Insure mobile devices

Look at system lifecycle costs

Save by buying a generation older

Costs, Hardware, Software, Setup / Transfer / Retire, Support, Upgrades