Opening Video Storyline

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Opening Video Storyline by Mind Map: Opening Video Storyline

1. Wildcat Center Lobby

1.1. DS freaking out at AG about [email protected]

1.2. Info desk interjects with where

2. The Mix

2.1. (SLAPT team member) ask Bernard

2.2. DS Starbucks moment

2.3. [email protected] friend (Asian)

3. Lakeside 1

3.1. AG looong walk to lakeside (including cat)

3.2. Room search for [email protected]

3.3. AG looong walk from lakeside (including cat?)

4. Biscayne

4.1. [email protected] is found intense golf practice

4.2. DS + [email protected] tackle scene

4.3. [email protected] stressed for award show- thinking

5. Lakeside 2

5.1. [email protected] getting ready

5.1.1. DS & AG waiting

6. Last scene(???)

7. Characters

7.1. Stressed Production Manager (DS)

7.2. Host ([email protected])

7.3. Overwork Assistant (AG)

7.4. Front Desk

7.5. SLAPT

7.6. [email protected] Friend