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Research by Mind Map: Research
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Evaluation of Information

What Are Resources

Evaluation of Authority of Source

Game/Exercise: Break down a URL

Game/Exercise: Find the Riches Information

Citing Resources

Keyword Search

Concept: Synonyms & Antonyms

Game/Exercise: Find the best keyword

Broaden or make more specific

Search Engine Kung Fu

Boolean Logic

Search Engine Operators

Hits and what they mean

Types of Search engines

Browser Kung Fu

Multiple Tabs or Windows



Steps 1-4 in Big6

Write Down Terms

Find the Keywords

Stop & Think (eg need a newspaper story)


Find the Richest Info

Dig down into info

Use the information

Synthesis - Step 5 Big6

Organize info

Create a creative communication

Reflection/evaluation Step 6 of Big6



strategy to improve


Looking closely

Following curiosity

Independence in learning

critical thinking

Meeting essential outcome goals


Appreciation of creative expression