Am I an entrenpeneur/could I handle a "higher" up business role?

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Am I an entrenpeneur/could I handle a "higher" up business role? by Mind Map: Am I an entrenpeneur/could I handle a "higher" up business role?

1. I know "what" is possible using technology. I just don't know "how". Example: I am not a coder

1.1. How would I get it off the ground?

1.2. Who do I contact to get it off the ground?

1.3. Who/what "people" do I need to actualyl put the idea to life using the technology available?

2. Its not just the money. I've always been in the top echelon of whatever I've ever done. Often times without applying much effort. Whether that be intellectual or athletic

2.1. I graduated highschool with a 4.0 without ever studying

2.2. I was a top 15 in the nation speedskater for over 10 years.

2.3. Sometimes I work harder, sometimes I work smarter

3. I've had plenty of ideas that were eventually created by other people and have been very successful

3.1. Online Dog Id tags

3.1.1. Successful Company: Pethub $1.3m in funding 06/2012 Founded 2010

3.1.2. Successful Company: Pet iD

3.2. Moving small businesses operations to the cloud

3.2.1. HR, Payroll, Books, Invoicing, Data Backup, Collaboratin, Communications, CRM, etc...

3.2.2. Successful company: Cloud Sherpas Founded 2007 Multiple acquisitions and over $42m in funding since 2010

3.3. Why didn't I follow through and start them?

3.3.1. Scared of the unknown I am usually risk averse when I don't know the "odds" of success I have a degree in business managment and human resources. I learn knew info and skills faster than most people. I am more tech savvy than most people. Do I have the education/background to fill the position? For instance a COO or CFO of a "startup" or some other position that my resume doesn't say I can do, but my intelligence and ideas say I can

3.3.2. Didn't know where/how to start

3.3.3. I'm a geek, had an idea, saw the opportunity and need for a product, but where do I go from there?

3.3.4. I am "comfortable" where I am and don't want to lose that.

3.3.5. My job and position currently are acceptable I like all my co-workers I like my boss I like her bosses I work from home and have plenty of leisure time Salary is acceptable given my position and experience Stacy and my salary are good($96k gross) Plenty of upward mobility

4. I know I am more than intelligent enough

4.1. I constantly read many blogs about technology and VC

4.2. I have been a "solutions" person since I was a kid

4.3. I am constantly brainstorming about all sorts of things

4.4. I beleive there is always a better/more efficient way to do things

4.4.1. It goes down to my soul in that I mentally plan the most efficient way to go up and down the grocery aisle!

5. What makes me want to start my own business or be a more strategically influencing person in a company?

5.1. More money

5.2. I am more tech savvy than anyone in the same position as I am.

5.2.1. I am the "tech support" for my friends and family

5.3. I am extremely competitive

5.3.1. I keep meeting new people and have plenty of friends who have successful businesses or are high up in an influential position. What is it that they have that I don't? What did they do to get there? How much did they know/what was their background? Did they already have the education and know "everything" needed the position/business? Did somebody just "give them a chance" or did they have plenty of accolades/expereince/certifications?

6. About me

6.1. extremely analytical

6.2. extremely organized

6.2.1. I enjoy using software and digital tools to solve problems. As an example creating this mindmap

6.3. I'm a "tinkerer" I like trying to see what things can do.

6.4. I like to prove doubters wrong

6.5. Very tech savvy. that is my added value compared to people of similar intelligence/experience/knowledge

6.5.1. I know "what can be done" and can see new ways to use technology. What I DON"T know is the "HOW"(ie the coding) and/or HOW to put together a team/company to bring the idea to fruition

6.6. Always looking to try new ways of doing things

6.7. Believe everything can always be improved