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Philantropia by Mind Map: Philantropia

1. bionics and diversity

1.1. diverse different parts play out as a whole

1.2. e.g: various qualifications of citizens in the community help to have a solution for upcoming problems

2. adaptability

2.1. ongoing different requirements need new innovative solutions

2.2. e.g. adapt to higher temperatures in the city by building up more green areas

3. accessibility and mobility

3.1. create the flow of the system and connects every part

3.2. e.g. modern and clean transport system with buses, tram, bicycles and e-cars

4. creativity

4.1. brings innovation to different areas

4.2. e.g. cluster areas in a physical sense: lots of people with same interests and qualifications in one place

5. security

5.1. provide safe environments: prevention plays a big role

5.2. e.g community watch programs

6. democracy and participation

6.1. every citizen is invited to take part in political actions and development which is facilitated by technical solutions

6.2. e.g. open data projects, debate forums

7. identity and civic-ism

7.1. take proud in living and improving your own city

7.2. e.g. I am a Philantropist which means i am peaceful, harmonic and happy

8. ownership

8.1. the city should belong to its citizens

8.2. e.g. urban bill of rights

9. ethics of sustainability

9.1. modern values and ethics that are headed towards the future

9.2. e.g high recycling rates of any waste products

10. culture and social community

10.1. respect distance and anonymity but also foster relationship buildings and places to get together

10.2. e.g. community center halls with activities for old and young

11. recreation

11.1. e.g. parks, waterside, nearby forest, urban farms

11.2. calm down the soul and enjoy silence

12. economic development and work

12.1. create, facilitate and provide jobs and development

12.2. e.g. subsidies for start up enterprises

13. living space and buildings

13.1. affordable, comfortable and functional

13.2. e.g. provide appartments for those in need

14. Livability

14.1. fullfills basic needs

15. Citizenship

15.1. helps to lead a "good life": beyond basics

16. Biology

16.1. city as an organism that helps to survive and grow resilient

17. Ecology

17.1. interaction between city and its environment

18. shopping opportunities

18.1. ability to buy products for living

18.2. e.g. downtone stores individual and diverse, not only malls

19. monitoring and control

19.1. Interaction creates output and has unintended negative and positive effects. To monitor these interaction processes means to better understand and eventually control them.

19.2. e.g. smart city concepts

20. evolution and contingency

20.1. City life evolves in a sense which is not always due to planning as contingency plays out.

20.2. e.g. city dwellers react to their new environment

21. urban farming

21.1. agriculture in the city can provide easy food

21.2. e.g. farm projects on house roofs