psychology of breastfeeding

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psychology of breastfeeding by Mind Map: psychology of breastfeeding

1. self image

1.1. positive

1.1.1. confidence in ability to nourish another

1.1.2. breasts as purposeful

1.1.3. ability to comfort baby

1.2. negative

1.2.1. effects of breastfeeding on breasts

1.2.2. inability to produce enough milk

1.2.3. feeling unsuccessful or unable to adequately nourish

2. situations in society

2.1. in the workplace

2.1.1. effect on work schedule

2.1.2. attitudes of coworkers

2.1.3. support from superiors

2.1.4. opportunity to feel connection with baby despite long period of daily separation

2.2. in public

2.2.1. variety of places

2.2.2. perception of others

2.2.3. cultural aspects

3. concept of choice

3.1. availability of formula for infants

3.1.1. convenience

3.1.2. government programs

3.2. socioeconomic standing

3.3. "having to" go back to work

4. personal relationships

4.1. between mother and baby

4.2. effect on relationship with significant other

4.3. effect on mother's other children