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Dance by Mind Map: Dance

1. Jazz

1.1. Vocabulary

1.1.1. Port de Bras-- carriage of the arms

1.1.2. Retiree-- to retire

1.1.3. Degage-- to disengage

2. Ballet

2.1. Positions

2.1.1. Bras Bas

2.1.2. Spanish 4th/ 4th Crossed Personal Todo List Vacation Planning Meeting Minutes Project Plan more...

3. Hip Hop

3.1. Types

3.1.1. Urban Hip Hop

3.1.2. Lyrical Hip Hop

3.1.3. Soft Hip Hop

4. Tap

4.1. Moves

4.1.1. Dig

4.1.2. Shuffle Hop Geistesblitz Tools