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CloudScape by Mind Map: CloudScape

1. Worldwide

1.1. SaaS

1.1.1. Office Productivity Google Apps microsoft office compatibility stability collaboration advanced features data portability Zoho Microsoft On-Line Services Office Live Workspace MessageLabs Secure Messaging CalendarHub Adobe Buzzword Glide Business Suite Untitled Write Calc Show EditGrid Peepel Online Suite Blist Database collaboration Quickbase Database collaboration Team Desk Database collaboration Empressr Presentations Presentation Engine PreZentit SlideRocket IBM Lotus Live Slide Rocket

1.1.2. Desktop Management Citrix Cloud OS JoliCloud Cloud OS ajaxwindows Glide Nivio

1.1.3. CRM SalesForce Technology SugarCRM CRM SalesBoom Zoho CRM Intalio

1.1.4. Networking Facebook Linkedin

1.1.5. ERP Netsuite ERP Workday

1.1.6. BI Adaptive Planning budgeting forecasting, reporting& analysis

1.1.7. ITSM RightScale Cloud Management Support

1.1.8. Project Management 37signals Assembla @task Zoho Projects OpenTeams ProjectSpaces teamspace Versionate

1.1.9. Others Wesabe MagCloud Publishing as a service HP Concur Business Traveling Ariba Spend Management Mindmeister ElephantDrive Personal Storage clipmarks scribd adobe photoshop express snipshot flickr Blogger Wordpress Rainstor Application retirment

1.1.10. Event Management Cvent

1.1.11. Conferencing Webex Dimdim Genesys Meeting Center Zoho Meeting Microsoft Office Live Meeting

1.1.12. Social Networks Ning

1.1.13. Software Tests Soasta

1.1.14. Personal Productivity Apple MobileMe

1.1.15. Content Delivery Amazon CloudFront

1.2. PaaS

1.2.1. appengine Google

1.2.2. Salesforce

1.2.3. windows azure Microsoft

1.2.4. Scrapplet Mashup platform

1.2.5. Rackspace Mosso

1.2.6. BungeeConnect

1.2.7. LongJump

1.2.8. 3tera

1.2.9. Cohesive Flexible Technologies

1.2.10. Nirvanix

1.2.11. Skytap

1.2.12. Strikeiron

1.2.13. BPM Cordsys Cloud Orchestration AppPoint

1.2.14. CloudSoft Untitled in Beta

1.2.15. EngineYard Ruby on Rails

1.2.16. Boomi Software integration

1.2.17. Cordys Process Model as a Service

1.2.18. CloudFoundry Spring an Grails Java Apps running on Amazon AWS

1.2.19. Voice Services Invox Cloud services launched Voxeo Twillio

1.3. IaaS

1.3.1. Amazon AWS

1.3.2. IBM High Performance On Demand Solutions

1.3.3. Terramark

1.3.4. GoGrid

1.3.5. Sun acquired by Oracle Sun Open Cloud lançamento final do segundo semestre

1.3.6. Verizon

1.3.7. AT&T

1.3.8. GoGrid

1.3.9. Joyent Parmeggiani Suporte ruim

1.3.10. Enomalism

1.3.11. Reservoir

1.3.12. 10Gen

1.3.13. Savvis

1.3.14. Egnyte Storage

1.3.15. Microsoft VMWare

1.3.16. Untitled antigo Mosso

1.3.17. Flexiscale

1.3.18. Test Skytap Virtual lab

1.3.19. Management Services Right Scale Morph Labs enStratus

1.3.20. Softlayer

1.4. Consulting

1.4.1. Booz Allen Hamilton Cloud Transition Methodology

1.4.2. ThinkStrategies

1.4.3. CoreMatrix On-Demmand CRM consulting SalesForce

1.4.4. aw2.0 consulting services to understand cloud computing Cloud Storage Estimator

1.5. Training

1.5.1. Theartofservice Cloud Computing Certification

1.6. Evangelists

1.6.1. Hal Stern Sun

1.6.2. Nicholas Carr

1.6.3. Roxana Geambasu

1.7. Vendors

1.7.1. Hipervisor VMWare Citrix Xen

1.7.2. Hardware Cisco HP IBM NEC

1.7.3. Sofware Eucalyptus System Create private clouds Ubuntu Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud Hypertable Effort to create Google Infrastructure Cloudera Hadoop BlueDragon Java EE server supporting Coldfusion .NET apps Has already hosting providers Enomaly Manage virtual machines along different cloud providers Cliperz Biblioteca para manter dados criptografados na web Applabs Software testing from the cloud Layer7 Governance Solutions newScale Governance Solutions Google GoogleGears nComputing virtual desktops eyeOS Cloud OS Hudson wikipedia openscan integration software with legacy applications Zmanda GridECom Plataforma open source para venda de recursos computacionais não utilizados Ventus Proxy Servidor cache de webservices Terracotta solução para escalar aplicações java open source

1.8. Research

1.8.1. Berkeley RAD Lab

1.8.2. Cloud Computing Association

1.8.3. Teragrid

1.9. Standardization

1.9.1. Cloud Computing Interoperability Forum

1.9.2. Open Cloud Consortium

1.9.3. Cloud Security Alliance

1.9.4. Open Grid Forum Open Cloud Computing Interface

1.10. Events

1.10.1. CloudCamp

1.10.2. Cloud Computing Conferecence & Expo

1.11. Marketplaces

1.11.1. SaaS Showplace

1.12. Directories of Cloud Providers

1.12.1. Google Cloud Computing Group List of Cloud Platforms, Providers, and Enablers

1.12.2. SYS-CON's Cloud Computing Journal

1.12.3. Technology Review: Cloud Computing

1.12.4. Forrester TechRadar on Cloud Computing

1.13. Implementators

1.13.1. WebScale

1.13.2. OpenCrowd

2. Brazil

2.1. SaaS

2.1.1. M2G

2.1.2. Datasul Datasul Start

2.2. Untitled

2.2.1. Locaweb

2.2.2. Alog

2.3. Training

2.3.1. Sisnema

3. To be classified

3.1. Heroku

3.2. AMZ

3.2.1. Dymo

3.3. Cassandra

3.4. Unified Cloud Interface Project

3.5. Cloud Interop Magazine

3.6. LucidEra

3.6.1. ondemmand analytic solutions

3.6.2. used by CoreMatrix

3.7. Scribe

3.7.1. data integration

3.7.2. used by corematrix

3.8. Pervasive

3.8.1. data integration

3.8.2. used by corematrix

3.9. Cast Iron

3.9.1. data integration

3.9.2. used by Core Matrix

3.10. Jitterbit

3.10.1. Integration

3.10.2. Open Source

3.10.3. used by Core Matrix

3.11. OpSource

3.11.1. used by Core Matrix