Internet & Laptop Rules and Regulations for EDCT 2030

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Internet & Laptop Rules and Regulations for EDCT 2030 by Mind Map: Internet & Laptop Rules and Regulations for EDCT 2030

1. If you break the rules...

1.1. Depending on the case:

1.1.1. You will lose points on the course work at hand.

1.1.2. Referred to judiciaries if necessary. Failed course.

1.1.3. Recieve a warning from the teacher.

2. During Class

2.1. Use the laptop for class related work.

2.1.1. Class Discussions

2.1.2. Submitting Assignments

2.1.3. Presenting a project to the class.

2.1.4. Using a program in class that requires internet use. Downloading Editing Sharing Installing

2.2. Taking care of the laptop

2.2.1. Making sure the laptop is kept clean.

2.2.2. Keep laptop free of viruses.

2.2.3. Handle with care.

3. After Class

3.1. Return the laptops to the laptop tray.

3.1.1. Make sure the laptops are shut down.

3.1.2. Log out of any programs you used during the class period.

3.1.3. Unintstall any programs that you may have downloaded

4. Breaking the Rules

4.1. Using laptops to do work unrelated to EDCT 2030 during class.

4.1.1. Email Send email to a friend. Send email to a teacher.

4.2. Looking at social media websites on the internet during EDCT 2030 class time.

4.2.1. Facebook

4.2.2. Twitter

4.2.3. Myspace

4.3. Breaking the laptop.

4.3.1. School Property

4.3.2. Pay for damages.

4.4. Using the internet to look up inapproriate websites.