Students Laptop & Internet Rules and Regulations for EDCT 2030

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Students Laptop & Internet Rules and Regulations for EDCT 2030 by Mind Map: Students Laptop & Internet Rules and Regulations for EDCT 2030

1. Before Class

1.1. Get a lap top and start it up.

1.1.1. If it is your personal laptop, log in as you normally would.

1.1.2. If it is a school computer, log in with the information on the board.

2. School laptops

2.1. During class time school laptops should not be used for anything not directly related to class.

2.2. During breaks, laptops may be used for surfing the web, or checking email.

2.3. School laptops may never be used for searching or viewing adult content, or content of a violent nature.

2.4. Unless directed to by the instructor, students should never download or install any programs on school laptops.

2.5. No eating or drinking while using school laptops. Make sure your hands are clean before using them.

2.6. Do not make changes to any of the settings on the laptop.

3. Personal Laptops

3.1. During class time, laptops should only be used for things directly related to class.

3.2. During breaks, personal laptops may be used in any way that does not violate the university internet policies.

4. After Class

4.1. If it is a school laptop.

4.1.1. Return the laptops to the docking station, being sure to put it in the appropriately numbered slot.

4.1.2. Log off and shut down the laptops correctly.

4.2. If it is your personal laptop.

4.2.1. Be sure to gather and take with any power cords or other wires.

5. If rules are broken

5.1. If it is a personal laptop

5.1.1. Grade will be dropped by one letter for first offense.

5.1.2. Second offense may result in failure of the class.

5.2. If it is a school laptop

5.2.1. Grade will be dropped one letter grade for first offense.

5.2.2. Second offense can result in disciplinary action and possible failure of class.