Incubators in Australia

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Incubators in Australia by Mind Map: Incubators in Australia

1. Sydney

1.1. Bluchili's updated startrail map (10/2012)


1.2. GIG (Gather, Innovate and Grow) Engine



1.4. Startmate

2. Start Up ecosystem

2.1. Sydney vs others worlwide

2.1.1. Start Up Ecosystem Report Start Up Genome Project

2.1.2. Europe The single entry point to European Business Incubators ARCHIVED LINK

3. 3-5 page summary of .

3.1. performance measures used for incubators

3.1.1. policy/govt reports

3.1.2. the literature/journal articles Terms searched performance measures incubators

3.2. a list of what websites/reports are out there (and their publishing date (in case they are quite old)

3.2.1. And then Ive looked through several OECD reports at UNSW last week (I think 1998). Especially the incubators that are similar to ATP (as compared to Blue Chilli etc)