Foreword Plan

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Foreword Plan by Mind Map: Foreword Plan

1. Ideas

1.1. They all have a different personality.

1.1.1. none of them ever get along or agree.

1.2. William is the only one who can get the group to agree.

2. Action Points

2.1. The team is formed the day before the Bombing of Pearl Harbor.

3. Describing Characters

3.1. Johnson D. Camelot

3.1.1. Had a very abusive and violent childhood. The "Guns" of the group. Not the smartest but surely the strongest. He is a very religious man. He is also against politics. One of the only things he and Alex agree on.

3.2. Alex C. Cauffin

3.2.1. He is the "Brains" of the group. Not as strong but very smart. He is a technical engineer. He always has an explanation. He is a strong athiest. He is also not a follower of politics.

3.3. Devyn "Doc" Stamers

3.3.1. He is the doctor of the group. He is very skeptical and is not very skilled with a gun. He prefers to hang behind and watch. He is a lazy person.

3.4. Lance V. Channer

3.4.1. He is the "Looks" of the group. He is not a good leader, as he believes that he alwyas deserves te spotlight. He is too obsessed with himself to care about politics and religion. He is a very handy sharpshooter. His eyesight is better than anyone elses on the squad.

3.5. William S. Chatner

3.5.1. A strong leader. He believes that everyone has a role in this group. He is strong, smart, and friendly, but he can get mean at times.

4. Foreword Plot

4.1. Starts when the soldiers arrive in Pearl Harbor. They are stationed on one of the boats there. But they do not depart right away.

4.2. Foreword explains the characters and their backgrounds.