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Amplified Agile through Flow by Mind Map: Amplified Agile through Flow
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Amplified Agile through Flow


Daniel S. Vacanti



Reading, Principles of Product Development Flow -- Don Reinsertsen



the movement through and delivery of customer value in a system

Continuous Flow

seems like kanban


Work in Progress, predictor of lead time and throughput

Lead Time, answers "When will I get it"

Throughput, answers "how many will I get"

Achieving Flow

Smaller Batch Size

Major benefit of scrum is shrinking the batch size

Some Scrum still have large batches and don't realize how that is problematic

Reduces Lead Time, shortens the customer feedback cycle

Increases Quality, defects are found sooner

Small Development Queue Size

Development queue needs to stay small as well, problem comes in when blocked/bored and pulling on new (small) batches and work in progress (queue) gets too big

Creates true pull systems, process and teams are not overburdened, improves work life balance

Allows us to "see" flow, impediments to the delivery of customer value are discovered more quickly

Blocked and Waiting Items

Show (kanban board) when a task is in a 'done'/'waiting' state for the next stage

Flow efficiency is by reducing the time items spend blocked or waiting

What's Hampering Flow


Agile teams have optimized heavily the development part of the process

awesome, but from a system it eventually is shining a cannonball

Capacity Utilization

Highway joke, 100% utilized highway is called a parking lot

Control through Planning and Estimation

Graph of story point estimate compared to cycle time (to done)