Woman's Right

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Woman's Right by Mind Map: Woman's Right

1. Violence

1.1. Physical

1.1.1. Sexual Harassment Touching Molesting Abuse

1.1.2. Assault

1.1.3. Rapping GangBang Drugged Robbed

1.2. Mentally Emotionally

1.2.1. LockDown Capability No Right Voting Electiong

1.2.2. Criticized Dumb Confidence Trust Self-Esteem Insecurities

2. Family

2.1. Cultural

2.1.1. Housewife No Income Limited Spending Property No Job Experience Connection Limited Friends Social Awkwardness

2.1.2. Traditions Over Protective Unable to explore the world Good Wife Laundries Housework Raise The Child

3. Employment

3.1. Salary

3.1.1. High Salary Family Work leave Less Burden

3.1.2. Low Salary Basic Needs Heavy Burden

3.2. Limited Opportunity

3.2.1. Postion in Work Education Educated Non-Educated

4. Social

4.1. Services

4.1.1. Organization

4.1.2. Parking

4.1.3. Aid Center

4.2. Steorotype

4.2.1. Abality Knowledge Limited Unwise

4.2.2. Work Lawyer Doctor

4.2.3. Strength Weak Depends on Man Unable to protect ourself