Fast Food

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Fast Food by Mind Map: Fast Food

1. K.F.C

1.1. K.F.C is a fast Food restaurant that is really exspensive. For like 4 people is a house it's like 60$.

1.2. Also K.F.C is really bad for you it mostly grease and alot of it but it taste so good

1.3. They sell Chicken wich there are aot of types but the one that really tastes good is the chicken popcorn, fries, drink and chips.

2. Harvey's

2.1. Harvey's is the last fast food restaurant to talk about and the restaurant is also good

2.2. Harvey's is another good place to eat at with the family and again also talk about what ever you guys want to talk about

2.3. They sell fries, drinks burgers called mama and papa and other stuff and you can also customized your own burger

3. Mc Donalds

3.1. McDonalds another fast food restaurant i have had i find it ok but it's not that good because it is also very fatning

3.2. I think McDonalds is the cheapest Fast Food restaurant ever because of how much it can cost

3.3. They sell burgers, fries, sodas mc.Flurrys and others thing in combos also

4. pizza pizza

4.1. Pizza Pizza is another good fast food restaurant to go it is also pretty cheap but it depends on what u buy there but i still woukd think it's pretty cheap

4.2. Pizza Pizza is a good place to eat with the family and talk about stuff

4.3. At pizza pizza they sell pizza of course along with wings and fries, drinks and other things

5. Subway

5.1. Subway is another good fast food place to eat because i think it is one of the most healyest restaurant to eat at

5.2. also subway can cost you a lot of money but it depends on the type of sub you get

5.3. At subway you can get subs of course and they sell little bags of chips and they Sell COOKIES!!!!!!!

6. A&W

6.1. A&W is another fast food restaurant that is like some what cheap and exspensi\ve but not sure how it would cost but it does taste great.

6.2. A&W is also bad for you because its all fatning.

6.3. They sell papa bugers, mama burgers and other combos and it looks really good