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Free Mortgage Analysis by Mind Map: Free Mortgage Analysis
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Free Mortgage Analysis

Mortgage Analysis Tool Before you get seriously started, you might stop and have look around at this site.  When well-menaning people start telling you what you should do about your mortgage issue, if it does not start with research, research, research, then it is not the best of advice.  Even if you have a lawyer, know what the lawyer should be doing for you and you will be able to better protect yourself and your interests. What To Do First If you have a mortgage and suspect suspect wrondoing by the lender and you are of a mind to do something about it, start by invoking laws in your favor.  Use the links below and start sending the request letters included here.  The links below will take you to some fill-in-the-blank forms you can use to start laying the groundwork to undermine the banksters.  Once you have sent out the letters, items 5 and 6 are very important next steps.  Item 5 will help you find where the banks have cut some major corners and Item 6 will give you a host of claims to bring against them. The place to start is with the following: Debt Validation Uniform Commercial Code Demand Letter Qualified Written Request Robo Signer Letters County Registrar Document Search Consumer Protection Law Violation Questionnaires This is a free tool This is not a lead capture site.  You can register as a free user (as soon as we get that part set up) if you want to but that is not necessary.There will be places where you will want the site to save the information you put in.  The consumer protection laws can be rather large. Save your input If you want to be able to stop then come back after locating documents or getting advice, then finish, the system will need to set up a place to hold your information.  For that we will need you to register.  We will only need a user name and a password. Calculations We Have to Do There are services we offer.  If you use one of those, we will need contact informatin such as an email so we can get the results to you. Paid Servces We Offer There are other, far more complex services we offer which we charge for.  If you wish to use any of those, we will need a full registration. For Now, Enjoy For now, look over the site, Use all the information that is available and there is considerable.  We do not even have the registration portion set up yet so everything is openly available, so use and enjoy. A Work in Progress We are working to make the site simple and intuitive, but there is a lot to know. There is no way to get through all the information here in one sitting, or even a dozen for that matter. We apologize that it is not all ready yet, but this is a massive undertaking. Cut Us Some Slack This mortgage analysis document is an alpha test page, a work in progress. If some links don't work or go to blank pages, that is because we are still working on getting everything fleshed out. If you have research on a subject that we have not addresseed, we would appreciate any help we can get to expand this project. If our site seems confusing or is not intuitive, let us know. We need your input to make the information here easy to find and understand, so feel free to tear our work to pieces. The only worthless feedback we get is no feedback. There are Remedies Knowing that there are problems is of little value without remedy. The primary purpose of this site is to provide the information needed to  find the issues and address them. People Who Can Help If you find all this to involved or simply feel to beat down and need help addressing your mortgage issue you can contact at the address above. We will also be including links in the documentation to people who provide services we do not.  We cannot vouch for anyone we link to although we do try to vet out each person before we put a link on our page to their service. Rule of Law Radio If you have questions, a good place to get answers is  Rule of Law Radio. Click the name and you will be taken to a website for the show which will provide show times and how to listen live from the internet if you are not within one of our broadcast areas. Time To Get To Work If your issue is about a residential property mortgage, what is the current condition of your mortgage? Prepare for the fight

Up to Date on Payments

If you are up to date on your payments but you believe you have been cheated by the bankers, you are probably right. Here you will not only be able to find out if you have been cheated, but by how much and what you can do to find remedy.

Expect to Stay Current

If you are up to date on your payments and expect to stay that way, you are in the best position to address the fraud in your note. Before you make any waves with the bank, we suggest you go to the Letter Requests section and start setting things up so that you have claims you can bring to bare. Then check the county registrars office for all the documents filed in your case. We have instructions on how to evaluate them, but if you are not comfortable, we will have links to people who can help.

Struggling to make payments.

If you are up to date on your payments but do not expect to be able to stay current, you have an opportunity to put the bankers in a position to where they will be more likely to make a deal you cannot pass up.  Before you do anything, if you have not already, go to the section titled, "Always Start Here."  Start gathering documents and send the request letters included there. Once you have started setting things up, come back here and continue.

Behind on payments or foreclosure already started.

If you are behind on your payments and are expecting foreclosure proceedings to start or if they have already been started, this is the place to start.

No Action from Bank Yet

In Foreclosure

If you are in foreclosure, your time is short and you need to move quickly. 

Foreclosed on and out of Property

Pierce the Fog The mortgage issue, when considered as a general category, like any other area of law, will appear incredibly complex.  But then, looking at a new topic in overview is sort of like opening the hood on one of the new high performance automobiles.  I am a good mechanic and I know better than to just open the hood and look in there.  All the parts and pieces, tubes and wires, are simply overwhelming.  Before I open the hood, I ask a lot of questions so that when I do open the hood, my focus is laser sharp on only the potential problem.  This page is designed to bypass all the plethora of possibilities and take you to those specific remedies that suit your particular situation.  Upside/Downside We start by asking questions intended to focus on only those issues of interest to you, so follow along with the questions.  For this presentation, we are not storing your answers.  This is a teaching tool, not a lead generation tool.  There is an upside and a downside to this approach.  The upside is that you will not get a mountain of unsolicited emails.  The downside is, if you loose your place, you will have to start at the beginning and go back in.  However, that is not much of a downside as this is, after all, a teaching tool.   Peripheral Retention You should go through the questions until you get  brain fatigue.  Close it out and do something else for an hour or two, then come back and walk your way back down the links to where you were.  Repetition is the key to retention.  We are trying to develop this tool so that each piece of information adds to the last and leads to the next.  We have also designed these maps as they use an aspect of mind that normally works just outside focused awareness.  They work in your peripheral vision and dramatically enhance your ability to organize understandings in a coherent, consistent, and retrievable manner. 

Free Mortgage Help Everything on this page is free. If you find the information a bit overwhelming and need assistance, call us. We can make this page free as we offer referenced to qualified vendors where they are indicated. If you use one of these vendors it helps us keep this page up. Support If you have questions about the information on the page, you can call us at 844 440 0099 or email us at . You can also talk to us by calling into the radio show we do on We do a show starting at 8:00 PM Central and you can call into the show and ask questions or just listen as we go over an incredible amount of information.

Information you need to collect.

No matter the condition of your mortgage, this is the place to start.  Any and all claim to real property must flow from the documents filed with the county registrar of deeds.  The are called different things in different states, but usually these records are under the control of the local county clerk's office.  If the clerk in your state does not handle these records, the clerk will be able to tell you who does. Find Records Online Most jurisdictions provide their documentation online, so check there first. Ask the Clerk to do a Search As most all jurisdictions keep their records in electronic format, the first thing to do is ask the custodian of these records to do a search for you based on the name of person(s) to whom the original warranty deed was transferred when the property in question was purchased. Then ask the clerk for a copy of the printout.  The clerk will charge for all copies. Get the Clerk to Write on Printout Ask the clerk to note the amount charged and the date and initial it for you.  The clerk will not certify this copy.  If you tell the clerk you need him/her to note the amount you paid and the date on the document, that is as good a certification. Get all Documents You will want to get a copy of all the documents that show up on the search by the clerk.  There may be other documents filed, but if the clerk cannot find them, since most offices no longer keep hard copies of the documents, you cannot hand search and you cannot be expected to be an expert on the computer systems belonging to the clerk, you can depend on what the clerk can find. Documents Not Publicly Available are Void The purpose of the registrar of deeds is to provide public notice of any claims against the title to real property.  If someone purports to hold a claim that was not properly filed with the clerk, then the claim is not enforcable against any party who relied on the county record.  

Clerk Documents

Some of the most powerful claims you can bring come from an examination of the records of the county recorder. The link from this page will take you to a web page that will explain in more detail the importance of these documents.

Special Fraud Calculation

Here you can enter certain reference information.  For this you will need to register with us so that we can create a place to hold your information, otherwise, if you close a page, all information on that page will be lost.

Consumer Protection Violations

Consumer Protection Laws Song and Dance and Seltzer Down Your Pants Congress passed a number of consumer protection laws under the guise of providing protection against the money changers. They then set a statute of limitations so short as to make them virtually worthless. It is the opinion of this author that the Congress passed these laws with such a short statute of limitations in order to give the public the false impression of government oversight of the bankers. Enforcement of the consumer protection laws by the federal courts is almost non-existent. However, our crooked politicians may have created a remedy they did not entend as the uniform instrument mortgage/deed of trust documents all have a clause wherein all parties agree to abide by all relevant laws as a condition of the contract. The consumer protection laws must be adjudicated in the federal courts who seem to be in bed with the banks. However, breach of contract is something much more simple and easy for a state judge to wrap his head around.

Foreclosed on and out of Property What action would you like to take?

Sue to get the property back. - Do you want to hire a lawyer?

Sue for damages only.

Turn my claim over to someone else to adjudicate for me.

You can quit claim the property to someone else so that they will have standing to adjudicate your issues.  However, if you do that, make sure you get a contract that will allow you to withdraw the quit claim grant if the party does not work in your interest in accordance with the contract. 

No Action from Bank Yet   What is your preference concerning the property?

Keep the Property

Willing to sell the property.