Manhattan Murder Mystery

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Manhattan Murder Mystery by Mind Map: Manhattan Murder Mystery

1. Victim

1.1. 45-50 yrs

1.2. white male

1.3. wedding ring

1.4. birth mark on upper right shoulder

1.5. 182 cm tall

1.6. Chuck Frederickson is the identified victim.

2. Suspects

2.1. Don carlini

2.1.1. Police recovered a soiled coat and took it to the forensic lab. He took some clothes to the dry cleaners

2.1.2. The Sample of Don Carlinis over coat has later been checked for blood and it does have blood on it.

2.1.3. Has not been identified at the business dealing that he said he was at.

2.2. Betty Frederickson

2.2.1. She went to visit a friend and was positivley identified there.

2.3. Jimmy Frederickson

2.3.1. Said he was at a university lectue but his friend actually lied for him and he wasnt were he said he was

2.3.2. Was identifyed at the library at the time of death.

2.4. sonny martonetti

2.4.1. Was at lunch at the time of death and was identified by the manager.

2.5. Bad boy Fernandez

2.5.1. He robbed chuck frederickson but left and went to a bar where he was positively identified.

3. Murder Location

3.1. south street seaport.

3.2. beside east park river.

4. Time line

4.1. between january febuary

4.2. last seen west houston on broadway

4.3. took him 31 minutes to get to south street seaport.

4.4. earliest time of death was 1.46 pm

5. The murder weapon

5.1. weapon was a silver letter opener

5.2. 6 fingerprints found

5.3. stabbed in the heart

6. Manuel Rodriguez

6.1. 42 years of age

6.2. died from a single stab wound to the right atrium

6.3. Was a construction worker with the upstate developing co.

6.4. died in the afternoon of the 29th of january

6.5. Posibly died at the frount of the machine

7. Fibers

7.1. Don Carlini: Caught on fire and shrivled. smelt like lambs tails. suspect wool

7.2. Sonny:rolled up into a ball. caught on fire and had no odor.not wool

7.3. jimmy: shrivled and caught on fire. smelt like lambs tails. wool

7.4. Chuck frederickson: Shrivled and caught on fire. smelt like lambs tails. Wool

8. soil

8.1. The Soil that was found at the murder scene was also found on sonny martonetti and Don Carlini