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RAAT by Mind Map: RAAT

1. Step1

1.1. Referral Letter for AT Assessment

1.2. Letter from

1.2.1. Family member, Referring Agency

1.2.2. Physician, Teacher,

1.3. Referral is taken into consideration

2. Step 3

2.1. Individualized Education Program Team

2.2. Tasks

2.2.1. Make decisions based on AT specialist Reports

2.2.2. Training for he student and those working with the student to

3. Step 4

3.1. Implementation of AT Device

3.2. Meetings

3.2.1. Procure Device

3.2.2. Assess device and student's use and progress

4. Step 2

4.1. Conducting an AT Assessmetn

4.2. Direct observation

4.2.1. cognitive skills, is AT in use currentlu

4.2.2. Sensory, motor, Communication, & Social skills

4.3. Interview

4.3.1. Family, student needs, Students abilities

4.3.2. Diagnosis & Medical Info

4.4. Formal Assessment

4.4.1. the Selection of activities to match student skills with need for AT

4.4.2. Written report details student strengths & needs needs

5. Beard, L., Caprpenter, L., & Johnston. (2011). Assitive Tecnology: Access for All Students. Boston: Pearson.