FourPaws Animal Sanctuary

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FourPaws Animal Sanctuary by Mind Map: FourPaws Animal Sanctuary

1. How the site works for you!

1.1. determines avatar given in iShelter environment

1.1.1. "my account" created to catalog history and participate in refresher courses

1.2. K-9 obedience training videos on file

1.2.1. Visual learning tools, (videos, virtual iShelter activities) are used to help train dogs

1.3. Second chance program for parolees will help convicts earn their way back into society

1.4. Bereavement Room reveals healthy ways to cope with loss of loved pets.

1.4.1. Virtual private and public rooms available for bereavement consoltations

1.4.2. "my account" created to catalog history

2. Learners knowledge assessed

2.1. focused on 18 yrs or older

2.2. previous pet ownership not necessary

2.3. online personality tests

2.4. In order to adopt, must pass test

3. Concerns

3.1. not challenging enough

3.2. inaccurate information given during personality tests/inaccurate pairing of dog

3.3. Negative "word of mouth"

3.4. Privacy concerns in Bereavement Room