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Identity Booklet by Mind Map: Identity Booklet
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Identity Booklet

Getting to Know Yourself

The goal of the Getting To Know Yourself response is to take three seperate personality and learning style inventories and look at them together to gain a perspective on who you are.  You will need to keep the results of the inventories and the key (chart that explains your personal characteristics) for use when completing your response.  Your answer sheets do not need to be placed in your final booklet.  Your response needs to take the form of a 1.5 - 2 page, double-spaced written response.  You should dedicate a paragraph or section of your response to the following: 

Identifying your results

What kind of person do the inventories describe you to be?

Summarizing your results

What characteristics, traits, and recommendations do the inventories recommend/describe for you?

Respond to the results

How do you feel about the results of the inventories?

Evaluate the results

To what extent do the inventories describe you? How accurate are they?

Remember the Titans

Life Map

I was born

Lost in woods and raised by wild chickens

Kidnapped from chicken by a Bald Eagle and returned to human parents

Preschool at YMCA

Elementary at Pinecrest



Choice Movie

Photo Essay

Music Dedication

Published Poetry

Personal Belief Statement


New node