Identity Booklet

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Identity Booklet by Mind Map: Identity Booklet

1. Getting to Know Yourself

1.1. Identifying your results

1.2. Summarizing your results

1.3. Respond to the results

1.4. Evaluate the results

2. Remember the Titans

3. Life Map

3.1. I was born

3.2. Lost in woods and raised by wild chickens

3.3. Kidnapped from chicken by a Bald Eagle and returned to human parents

3.4. Preschool at YMCA

3.4.1. Bit by some kid, then yelled at for crying.

3.5. Elementary at Pinecrest

3.5.1. Read book about running pancake

3.5.2. Raised beetles from larva

3.5.3. Had Mrs. Vasievich, the worst teacher in the history of the world

3.6. Pets

3.6.1. Got Maggie Got Petey Got Spike

3.7. ELHS

3.7.1. Failed 1 semester of English 1

3.7.2. Mrs. Maurer failed me in English 2

3.7.3. Graduate 2009

4. Choice Movie

5. Photo Essay

6. Music Dedication

7. Published Poetry

8. Personal Belief Statement

9. Collage

10. New node