Nghia Si Events

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Nghia Si Events by Mind Map: Nghia Si Events

1. Memorial Day Picnic

1.1. Date

1.1.1. Tentative May 25 Better for Huynh Truongs Traditionally been on a Saturday even through voting

1.1.2. Pending weather for the week

1.2. Activities

1.2.1. Football

1.2.2. U

1.2.3. Volleyball

1.2.4. Ultimate Frisbee

1.2.5. Beach Boogie Boarding

1.2.6. Park Seasonal Activities Kayaking Parasailing

1.3. Food

1.3.1. Salad Lettuce Blueberries No sweet dressing requested

1.3.2. Fruits Cuties Watermelons Pineapples

1.3.3. Meat Wings Burgers Hotdogs

1.3.4. Dessert Brownies Audrey!

1.3.5. Drinks Water Powder mix

2. MB2

2.1. Positives

2.1.1. Location Sylmar! Quick access and less drive time

2.1.2. Food In n Out Burgers

2.1.3. Drinks Bounce afterwards!

2.1.4. Attendance Good even number Lucky we got at least 10 for an entire race Great Huynh Truong presence and support

2.1.5. Pricing Great price LivingSocial $11 Deal Groupon also had it

2.2. Negatives

2.2.1. More races Cant have more races if you dont want to pay alot. Next time ask if they want to race more? Or what theyre wiling to pay?

2.2.2. Total number of expected Montana panic'ed about not having the right number of tickets Didn't do due diligence and total count of kids on the spot. In the end didnt really matter since his account is the final say Tickets worked out perfectly

2.2.3. Crashing and Driving Kids are nuts. So dangerous.

3. Backpacking Trip

4. Convalescent Home

5. Volunteer Work