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Mini-Project by Mind Map: Mini-Project

1. Legacy

1.1. Positive

1.1.1. The British rule dominated and was the masters of parts of india and then more and more, they expanded their language and unified India in many ways.

1.1.2. The British built them roads, made a government and learnt them their language so they could communicate.

1.1.3. English was the new language because they now had to learn english in schools and it was the only way to make a better life for themselves. Many Indians had truble with the new language

1.1.4. Due to lack of statistics its hard to tell how many people and how big the poverty was before the English came.

1.2. Not posivitve or negative (in the middle)

1.2.1. Their laws were made into one law in 1859 the British decided to abolish this hodgepodge of ancient laws and establish one law for all.

1.3. Negative Impacts

1.3.1. After the British came India's population increased by a lot and the poverty was getting worse

1.3.2. life expectancy fell by 20% between 1872 and 1921

1.3.3. There was one bed for 3800 people, and the leaders got reserved beds

1.3.4. They made a clubs and railway only for British, Indian could not enter there.

2. Perspective

2.1. Neutral

2.1.1. The Young british worker was very superficial and socialized and he lived rich and was happy.

2.1.2. There were some Indians having trouble understanding the english language,for others it was easy,the people that had trouble had problems because it was hard to learn a new language because they have different pronunciations.

2.2. Positive

2.2.1. The poor people felt safer and the rich people felt injustice as they felt the poor people shouldn't be respected as much.

2.3. Negative

2.3.1. The boy in the text we read had troubles to understand English because of their teacher. the student’s teacher only knew a couple of words and his salary was on 30 rupees (10 dollars) a month.He mentions it because he is talking about his time during school.

3. Although the British impacted India in many Neutral ways they also made their life's better in many Positive ways and harmed them in many Negative ways.

4. Connections.

4.1. One connection from the legacy and perspective to the thesis is how the population grew because of the British and because of that the poverty grew as well and that was a bad impact. But a good impact for some of them was how they shared their language because when they did that they could trade with the future Indians and understand and then they would both be happy.