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Incorporating Google Earth Skills Into the School Curriculum by Mind Map: Incorporating Google Earth
Skills Into the School
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Incorporating Google Earth Skills Into the School Curriculum

How Google Earth skills can be incorporated into the school curriculum

Google Earth useage

Virtual Atlas

Geographical encyclopedia

Digital Mapmaking

Enquiry tool, Answering questions, Out and about, Fieldwork tool, GE Graph, Problem solving

Google Earth Skills

Navigation Controls, Street view

Panels, Search, Search panel, Organising the Places panel, Opening kml/kmz files, Saving kml/kmz files, Layers panel, Layer choice

Historical Imagery

Placemarks, Adding, Editing, Changing icon, Adding images, Text formating, html

Ruler, units, kilometres, Smoots



Image Overlay, Using, Producing


School curriculum

Google Earth - it's not just for Geographers!, Maths, Get an adreneline rush with Google Earth and Math!, English, Google Lit Trips, MFL, Using Google Earth in the Foreign Language Classroom

Tricks and tips

Shift Arrow Up or Arrow Down = Tilt

Shift Arrow Left or Arrow Right = Rotate

N - north

U - from above

R - reset view

Basic features user guide - 3D viewer navigation

Navigation tricks in Google Earth

Classroom example of building a continuum of skill development leading towards a project

Planning the first commercial Imperial Airways passenger flight from Southampton to Cape Town


Short Empire Flying Boats, range of 1200 km, average speed of 300 km/h

Route, Southampton, UK, Marseille, France, Rome, Italy, Brindisi, Italy, Athens, Greece, Alexandria, Egypt, Khartoum, Sudan, Port Bell, Uganda, Kisumu, Kenya, Nairobi, Kenya [not via flying boat], Mbeya, Tanzania [not via flying boat], Cape Town, South Africa

How have tourist journeys evolved?

Imperial Airways to Cape Town, Google Earth Route, Ruler, Placemarks, Paths, Route Card, Google Sheets, In-flight Brochure, Image Overlay, Colonial Africa Overlay, Historical Imagery

YouTube Recording

Google Earth Examples File