ST01: What were the challenges?

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ST01: What were the challenges? by Mind Map: ST01: What were the challenges?

1. Maths

1.1. Need more Learning Support?

1.1.1. STIMulate

1.1.2. Library (

1.2. Students always hate Maths

1.3. Problems with R (software)

1.4. Teaching both basic content & advanced difficult (related to no prerequisites for course)

1.5. links to 114

2. Units

2.1. Too much overlap between 101 & 102

2.1.1. Same topic in both too difficult

2.1.2. Differentiating academic/scientific approach from social approach often difficult

2.2. Student confusion

2.3. possibly do 101 on different topic/s next year?

3. Communication

3.1. Facebook

3.1.1. Easy for students to access

3.1.2. Uncontrolled - official FB group?

3.1.3. Some academic misconduct?

3.1.4. Students need to be educated about ethical use of social media at uni

3.2. Students unclear about assessment

3.3. Students unclear about who to contact for which units/tasks

3.4. Students given muliple explanations of how course works, still compaining of confusion

4. Administration

4.1. Timetabling nightmare (especially 114)

4.2. timetabling & clashes makes group work more complex

4.3. Single CRA sheets for each unit, but different modules and different assessments

5. Group Work

5.1. Disfunctional Groups

5.2. Attendance - some groups not able to consistently get all members there

5.3. Organising and assessing groups

6. Content

6.1. Students engaged in complex ideas, but make poor choices for research topics

6.2. Possibly need a suggested list of research topics for 101?

7. Pedagogy

7.1. ideas for different discplines

7.2. consistency across disciplines