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Rocket clouds by Mind Map:

1. Features

1.1. B2C

1.1.1. Platform Android Web-based application

1.1.2. Login Register Forgot Password Facebook

1.1.3. Safety and Secuity Double verification 1. Email and Password 2. Save Browser Usage of Secure Socket Layer Cannot intercept HTTP request or response Seller address is not fully exposed unless permission is given

1.1.4. Notification SMS Email Facebook

1.1.5. Search / Sorting of Products Price Location GPRS Location based Item Category based Popular items New items

1.1.6. Purchasing Auto-bidding Notification for bidding item that ending soon Shopping Cart Paypal Overdue payment Invoicing Upsell / Downsell Extra protection for delivery service Quicker delivery time

1.1.7. User Interactivity Bookmarking Bought history Recommendations Based on search item Based on past bought item Flagging of items Based on flag / views algorithmn Upload images / videos Post on youtube or post on facebook Give feedback / rating

1.1.8. Socialize Facebook Item being liked Contributor being liked Comment about the video or item Youtube Posting of videos Twitter Comment about the video or item Google plus Comment about the video or item

1.2. B2B

1.2.1. Admin Roles and Access level

1.2.2. Swiftrun - A child company of MoverBay that specialize in moving service

1.2.3. Product Management

1.2.4. Feedback Management

1.2.5. Purchase order Creation Accept Reject

1.2.6. Customer Order Creation Accept Reject

1.2.7. Invoicing Paypal

1.2.8. Delivery Order GPRS - calculation of shortest routes and rank them in hierarachy

1.2.9. Business Analytics Popular items Track Transaction Volume Track SalesAmount Google Analytics

2. Problems & Solutions

2.1. Unique Selling Preposition

2.1.1. Cheaper furniture

2.1.2. one stop solution help to give away the unwanted furnitures Help to clear away the unwanted furniture / items

2.1.3. Convenience

2.1.4. Make money of their wanted furniture / goods

2.1.5. Fast and hassle free

2.2. Who usually have these problems?

2.2.1. elderly

2.2.2. house owners

2.2.3. shops owners

2.3. Where does it occur?

2.3.1. Offices

2.3.2. Homes

2.3.3. Hotels

2.3.4. Schools

2.4. When?

2.4.1. moving house

2.4.2. moving from one location to another moving out changing of location

2.4.3. limited space remove unused/unwanted furniture

2.4.4. getting rid of the old furnitures

2.5. What

2.5.1. Solution services that help people to move furniture navigation to detect if there are any unwanted furnitures nearby implement up-sale and down-sales to sell away the furniture mobile app to track where have furniture that are unwanted communicate with the people allow them know what are the furniture on sale biding system sales of second hand furnitures

2.5.2. Problems do not know where to sell their furniture trouble removing the furnitures competitive moving service no place to dispose their furniture

3. Competitive Analysis

3.1. Who are the competitors?

3.1.1. Amazon

3.1.2. eBay



3.2. Scope and nature of industry

3.2.1. Scope is extremely wide

3.2.2. Used internationally, by anyone

3.2.3. Nature of industry: auction sites

3.2.4. Industry is big with well-known competitors

3.2.5. Target market is huge, targeting adults

3.3. Who are the customers?

3.3.1. Adults(ages 30-65)

3.3.2. People who need to get rid of unwanted items

3.3.3. Busy working adults

3.4. Key success factors

3.4.1. Specializes in household items(furniture)

3.4.2. Option for delivery service

3.4.3. Search for items by categories, location, prices

3.4.4. Working with charitable organisations to give to the needy

3.5. What benefits do customers expect?

3.5.1. Convenience(through app)

3.5.2. Reliable(delivery on time)

3.5.3. Easy to use(download app and create account)

3.5.4. Good service

3.5.5. Delivery service