The Nerd Store

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The Nerd Store by Mind Map: The Nerd Store

1. Advertisement, Promoctions

1.1. Slogan,Advertisement add

1.1.1. Having a itch that need's a fix ? is your computer runing to slow ? Well look no futher "The Nerd Store" As all your gaming need's as well as the newest, and best technology for this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1.2. Bob the builder

1.2.1. Always wanted to game to the extream?, but you dont know what good "system specs" are? Well have no fear. Thanks to our "Super Nerds" you are enable to do just that. Name the game , and we will build your "Pc" based on that game , and the system spec required!!!!!!!

1.3. Only the best

1.3.1. Technology is always advancing , and as result we must remain at the top! Everyday we recieve new shipments of the newest ,and greatest pieces of hardware everyday!

1.4. Service and Location

1.4.1. We are opened between , mondays to sundays from 10am-11pm , at Hallf Hill located in ottawa

2. Problem 1 Recrutement

2.1. Put add in newspaper

2.1.1. "The Nerd Store is now looking for recruites, Must have at least 2 year's of work experience , as well as High school Diploma, and or Diploma in "computer science.""

2.1.2. If you have any questions give us a call at 819-293-3414 !

3. Ideas

3.1. Monthly sale dates

3.1.1. Have a specif date , for when certin items go on sale, advertise on Radio , and T.V

4. Company goals

4.1. High Priority

4.1.1. Earn about 5,000$ is profites

4.2. Medium Priority

4.2.1. Have safe ,and fun work environment

4.3. Low Priority

4.3.1. Add vending mechines , and other perks for emploies.

5. Opening day

5.1. Opening day , Judgement has arrived