Marin Bee Site Intro (leading to explore page landing)

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Marin Bee Site Intro (leading to explore page landing) by Mind Map: Marin Bee  Site Intro (leading to  explore page landing)

1. Site navigation bar on left

1.1. Nourish the Face

1.1.1. Cleansers Cleansing Soufflé Cleansing Gelée

1.1.2. Moisturizers Rescue Crème Moisture Crème Perfect Eye Crème Renewal Crème Lip Balm

1.1.3. Masques Clay Masque Renewal Masque

1.2. Pamper the Body

1.2.1. Cleansers Foaming Gelée

1.2.2. Moisturizers Honey Butter Crème Moisturizing Milk

1.2.3. Exclusives Pure Honey Shave Pure Honey Scrub Honey Body Balm Musique, Our Signature Scent

1.3. Informational

1.3.1. Our Hive

1.3.2. Bee-utiful Blog

1.3.3. Story and Mission

1.3.4. Organic and Natural

1.3.5. Pure Beauty, just for you

1.3.6. Buzz


2. shop homepage

2.1. Shop checkout

2.2. shop footer

2.3. shop header

2.4. View my Cart

3. Explore homepage

3.1. Explore by product stories

3.1.1. honey butter creme

3.1.2. Clay Masque

3.1.3. Honey Shave

3.1.4. Lip Balm

3.1.5. Cleanse

3.1.6. Moisturize

3.1.7. Renew

3.1.8. Musique

3.2. explore by ingredients

3.2.1. EXAMPLE Honey Organic and Natural Products Containing Product Story Add to Cart

4. Header

4.1. my account

4.1.1. Drop Down Menu

4.2. my bag

4.3. check out

4.4. facebook

5. Footer

5.1. contact

5.1.1. Drop Up menu

5.2. keep in touch

5.3. terms and conditions

5.4. social media icons

5.5. philanthropy

5.6. Privacy Policy

6. right navigation

6.1. Social Media Shares

6.1.1. Facebook Like

6.1.2. Twitter Tweet out

6.1.3. Pinterest Pin