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Shoes by Mind Map: Shoes

1. Kittens

1.1. When are these are appropriate?

1.2. When going into the professional world

1.3. When dressing it up a bit

1.4. In all seasons

2. Boots

2.1. When should I wear these?

2.2. In the winter

2.3. In the Fall

2.4. In the spring

2.5. Summer is not recommended

3. Booties

3.1. How to wear them.

3.2. With shorts

3.3. Tuck skinny jeans into them

3.4. With a cute dress

4. Stilettos

4.1. How does one walk in Stilettos?

4.2. Toe

4.3. Heal

4.4. Foot on the ground

5. Flats

5.1. When are they a good idea?

5.2. When walking for a long time

5.3. When travelling

5.4. When stilettos are not a good idea

6. Runners

6.1. What are these shoes for?

6.2. Running

6.3. Doing anything that involves physical exercise

6.4. When going a long distance