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Business Plan Mind Map by Mind Map: Business Plan Mind Map

1. Location

1.1. Virtual Office

1.1.1. Important to have an address that:

1.1.2. 1. Is easy to remember

1.1.3. 2. Location is prestigious/well known

1.1.4. 3. Affordable rent

1.1.5. 4. Available to get physical space, when needed

1.1.6. 5. Comes equipped with answering machine and person answering phone calls

2. Finances

2.1. Professional Accountant

2.1.1. 1. Receiving help with expenses and income

2.1.2. 2. Help with taxes, making sure I obtain as much as possible from my legal entity

2.1.3. 3. Back-up in the case of an audit

2.1.4. 4. Obtain assistance in all dealings with financial institutions

3. Professional Development

3.1. CPD Courses

3.1.1. 1. Make sure I satisfy yearly CPD point requirements

3.2. Other Courses

3.2.1. 2. Obtain Certified Canadian Customs Broker in order to distinguish and diversify

3.2.2. 3. Maybe attempt law school?

4. Marketing

4.1. Business Cards

4.1.1. 1. Important to get a distinctive logo

4.2. Phone Numbers (VOIP)

4.2.1. 2. Obtain 1-800 Phone number to increase access

4.3. Web Site

4.3.1. 3. Professional looking website in order to attract traffic, make it easy for clients to contact me

4.4. Network

4.4.1. 4. Maintain a professional network of caseworkers, immigration consultants, public officials and attorneys

4.5. Human Resources

4.5.1. 5. Hire freelancers in order to advertise throughout the city of Toronto

4.5.2. 6. After reaching sufficient operating profit, hire caseworker in order to increase volume of work

5. Operations

5.1. Equipment

5.1.1. 1. Minimize need of physical equipment such as furniture, electronics, etc.

5.1.2. 2. Run the business from laptop and smartphone.

5.1.3. 3. Have visual pleasing presentation ready to present on a tablet