Business Modell

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Business Modell by Mind Map: Business Modell

1. Informationsdienstleiter/Infomediary (redmark)

2. Makler/Brokerage (IS24)

2.1. Marketplace exchange

2.2. Buy/Sell Fulfillment

2.3. Auction Broker (ebay)

2.4. Transaction Broker (Pay Pal)

2.5. Distributor

2.6. (Price) Search Agent

2.7. Virtual Marketplace

3. Abonement/Subscription (flickr pro)

4. Direkthändler/Manufacturer (dell)

5. Affiliate (

5.1. Banner Exchange within Network

5.2. Pay-per-click

5.3. Revenue sharing (percentage commission per click-through sale)

6. Werbeeinnahmen Modell /Advertising (google)

6.1. (Search) Portal (Yahoo)

6.2. Classifieds (Craigslist)

6.3. User Registration (NYTimes), free but registration, intersession tracking targeted campaigns)

6.4. Search query related payments (sponsored links, keyword related ads)

6.5. Contextual/Behavioural Marketing

6.6. Content targeted Ads (Google, Ads targeted on page according to page content)

6.7. Ultra/Intromercials (Full screen ads die sich vor Content schieben)

7. Handel /Merchant(amazon)

7.1. Virtual, completely over the web (amazon)

7.2. Online catalogue, order by mail/phone

7.3. Online shop of a real world shop/chain (Barnes&Nobles)

7.4. Online Store exclusively dealing in digital products (iTunes)

8. Community

8.1. Open Source

8.2. Open Content (Wikipedia)

8.3. Broadcasting (YouTube)

8.4. Social Networks (Facebook)

9. Utility (freenet)