Going Down Hill Session 3

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Going Down Hill Session 3 by Mind Map: Going Down Hill Session 3

1. Step 9

1.1. Review session 2

1.2. mechanism flow chart

1.3. 20 minutes

2. Step 10

2.1. Management (for the individual)

2.1.1. Goals of therapy clinical improvement stablization reduction in mortality

2.1.2. Pharmacological Diuritics Reduce preload Types Side effects Goals Diuritics resistance ACE inhibitors Prognosis Function Sideeffects ARBs Used if ACE inhibitors is contraindicated Difference between ACE in. is the absence of COUGH. Aldosterone Antagonist Beta blocks Generation Function Contraindication Anticoagulants Used as prophylaxis (admitted patients) Heparin Nitrates Hedralazane Function

2.1.3. Nonpharmacological Alcohol cessation May help in making the patent better May not work if disease is in late stage Diet and nutrition Important to educate Decrease salt intake If from ischemia(not our case)-->they should reduce fatty food Consider having multidisciplinary teams Aerobic excercise 2012 meta analysis Smoking cessation Weight reduction maintain 10% of ideal weight Implanted cardiac defrillator Criteria CRT Ejection fraction less than 35% Class III and IV Bi-ventricular Surgical treatment Heart transplant Gold standard treatment Problem in finding a typical heart that fits the patient Ventricular asses device

2.1.4. prognosis

2.2. Prevention (for the population)

2.2.1. Control chronic diseases

2.2.2. Campaign about alcohol toxicity

2.2.3. Screening

2.2.4. Educate the population about healthy lifestyle

2.2.5. Restrictions

2.3. 60 minutes

3. step 11

3.1. Review and evaluate

3.2. Group members

3.3. Chairman

3.4. Scribe

3.5. Tutor

3.6. Material

3.7. 10 minutes