Validity & Reliability

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Validity & Reliability by Mind Map: Validity & Reliability

1. Internal Consistency

1.1. Related Validity Concurrent

1.2. measurement of two test seeing if similarties exist

2. Criterion Related Validity

2.1. relationship between a test & the outcome

2.2. Looking at the relationship between test & the outcome can tell the validity of test

2.3. the test scores are correlated to the criterion to determine how well they represent the criterion behavior

3. Different Forms of Equivalence

3.1. two different test given in a short amount of time. Score are then combined to determine reliability

3.2. take into consideration students may forget or do not understand all information

4. Content Validity Evidence

4.1. make sure questions on the test go hand and hand with the learning objective

4.2. This is important because it gives a clear and consice picture of what the student understands of the learning objectives.

5. Internal Consistency

5.1. One test needed for learning and assessment or may also be known as face validity or common sense

6. Testing Stability

6.1. why test? It's important to assess and test to make sure students are understanding and compherending what they have learned

6.2. Re-test are the same test given in a short period of time. The the grades from both test are combined to get the final score.

7. Predictive Validity

7.1. usefullness of test score to predict furture performance