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1. Student ELA games

1.1. Lola's Alphabet Train~$3.99 Lite Version~Free

1.1.1. features include 5 games that focus on letter recognition, forming words, and a memory game with letters. As the user masters skills, the difficulty increases.

1.2. Storybook Sampler~Free

1.2.1. Samples of interactive stories that can be purchased.Multiple settings to allow parent/teacher to customise the reading experiance.

1.3. Reading Readiness-On Track~$4.99

1.4. phonics Made Easy Flash Action~$4.99

1.5. My First Spelling~$1.99

1.5.1. 3 levels that increase in difficulty. Students drag and drop letters to create the word that is being said.

1.6. Abby First Words~$0.99

1.6.1. This app would be good to use as a matching center. Students will drag scrambled letters down to the matching spot in the word. For later in the year changes can be made to decrease the difficulty.

1.7. Letter Formation With Phonics~$2.99

1.7.1. Teaches children to form letters the correct way.

1.8. Primary Tablet~$9.99

1.8.1. Allows kids to practice letter formation on lined "paper"

1.9. Read and Spell With Phonics 2~$8.99

1.9.1. Games reinforces blends

1.10. MapMaster

1.10.1. Test your geographical skills.

1.11. Math Reference

1.11.1. A fun game that allows students the opportunity to work on different math skills.

1.12. Read Me Stories -Children's books

1.12.1. Children are able to listen to a new book each day and develop their love for reading.

2. Student Math games

2.1. Adding Apples~Free.

2.2. 123 number magic line matching~Free

2.3. Lola's Math Train-Fun with Numbers~$3.99

2.3.1. features include 19 games that focus on skills such as adding, subtracting, and problem solving. As the user masters skills, the difficulty increases.

2.4. BRAINtastic Maths Prep Kindergarten~$4.99

3. Teacher tools

3.1. eClicker Presenter

3.2. SubText

3.2.1. An ipad app that allows teachers and students the ability to have a digital book discussion. Teachers and students can read books, annotate books, and create quizzes about those books.

3.3. Book Creator

3.3.1. This ipad app allows you to create your own ibooks. This list of possible books could be children’s picture books, photo books, art books, cook books, manuals, textbooks, etc.

3.4. ShowMe

3.4.1. This app is similar to Book Creator, but it allows you to create your presentation using voiceover. During your presentation you can use it to write, draw, insert graphics all while you are talking.

3.5. Newspapers

3.5.1. As teachers we have used newspapers for all kinds of lessons. This app give teachers and students access to over 5000 newspapers from around the world.

3.6. Politifact

3.6.1. Teachers and students able to keep track of campaign promises, statements, and press releases. They keep track of everything and grades them on the truth-o-meter.

4. Kidspiration~$34.99

5. Student Tools

5.1. Evernote

5.2. Skitch

5.3. Memonic

5.4. Trackclass

5.5. Soshiku

5.5.1. This app helps students keep track of their assignments. It will send via email or SMS.

5.6. Flashcard Study helper

5.7. Homework

5.7.1. This Android app allows students to manage timetables and homework assignments, list their exams and sort them by dates.